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Athletic figure, firm body and nice round butt. Don has it all. He is a young basketball player and his balls are loose from jogging up and down. We like that so when we sack on them, he is very surprised. Today’s humiliation is something new to Don and being stripped in front of four dominant men who love to penetrate his virgin arse is shocking for him. Watch this confident guy turning into naked slave at CMNM PICTURE GALLERY



Christian is very shy young guy who blushes every time you have dirty talk. Today he came for a regular physical but have no idea this physical will be completely different to those he had in the past. He has some tension in his muscles but I guess he will forget about it pretty quickly. Our team of professionals will examine his dick and asshole in detail. Watch him being uncomfortable exposing his genitals at CMNM FREE PHOTOS



Nick is very ambitious young man who would love to work but has been out of luck lately. Coming to our office makes him one of those young boys becoming naked slut who will be pleasing four guys dressed in suits. To our surprise, his reaction to our invasive and persistent groping is positive. He even crawls on the floor and obeys all commands he gets. This guy is a real star and we will make sure he won’t be without a job for long. Watch all details at CMNM FREE GALLERY



Darren is one of those guys who doesn’t tolerate sexual comments from other men. But today he has no choice but to stand there answering our invasive questions while we slowly take his suit of and he ends up standing there completely naked. Burying our noses between his firm butt cheeks is a big turn on. You can smell his manly aroma and feel his sweaty ball sacks. Watch all details at CMNM VIDEOS



Matthew is young and handsome guy who walked into our office this afternoon and we knew immediately he is the one who will make our day. We work hard so we need to relax and have a break sometimes. Guys like Matthew strip for us, we suck their sweaty ball sacks and stretch their tight assholes. They are usually overwhelmed by the attention we give them and they love to show us every private detail of their bodies. Check out all latest updates at CMNM TUBE



Meet Noah, 19 years old student who has been very naughty today and he is not getting away with that. He gets stripped of his uniform so we can closely examine his naked body. He is all embarrassed about his private body parts but we don’t care. This arrogant twit gets a good long plundering session and his tight virginal anus gets fucked by few cocks. Noah needs to become an obedient lad with good character. I think this lesson of good behavior is going to help! More details at CMNM PHOTOS