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This recruitment office is very specific. If you let the officers to have their way with you than you’ll receive a very special treatment. Getting placed in the right regiment means faster advancement through the ranks. These officers are glad to see ambitious boys like Paul who will do anything in order to become a lieutenant. So when he turns out in the room, the officers get carried away groping and sniffing him given the heady masculine aroma of this new recruit’s genitals and asshole. See more details at CMNM MOVIES



Joel is a cute young guy who is also naive and wants to secure his job in the gym. He is so desperate to please his manager he even let him to inspect his naked body. He’s aware that he is unskilled labour and completely disposable. The manager knows how desperate Joel and that he wants to always make a good impression. Watch the manager testing the fit of the sheer fabric against Joe’s naked bare skin at CMNM VIDEOS



Ed is shocked and can’t believe these guys. How far they are going with their hazing tactics to distract him and test his mettle at selling? Ed is a subject to the testing and these guys don’t care if he complaints or not. They insistently stroke his cock till he’s worked up into a frenzy of excitement and his cock needs to get off. Watch this ultimate testing to its very end at CMNM TUBE